You Are Your Biggest Hater

May 20, 2024 2 min read

People are quick to blame their lack of action and progress toward reaching their goals on the people in their life who "hate" on them.

...and when you ask them who these people are...

They'll tell you it's people like their family members.

Their friends.

Their co-workers.

Their spouse.

...or somebody on social media who doesn't support their goals.

But when you really dig into why these people haven't made any progress...

It has nothing to do with their "haters."


It's them.

If you haven't accomplished anything of real significance at this point in your life...

It’s not because of "haters."

That’s weak ass bullshit.

Real haters will key your car.

Real haters will burn your house down.

Real haters will attempt to cause you physical harm ... if not fucking kill you.

You know who your biggest hater actually is?

It's you.

It’s you imagining what a bunch of irrelevant people MIGHT have to say if you go out and start building the life you really want and then YOU do nothing as a result of that fear.

You are the one who's holding yourself back.

You are the one who is undisciplined and refuses to take control of your mind and daily actions.

You are the one who's standing in your own way.

It’s you.

You are your biggest hater.

All the people you think of as your "haters" have never even given you any real reason to believe that.

Even if they did … are you going to let the chirps of a bunch of losers paralyze you from becoming what it is you want?!

Nobody is talking about you because you haven’t given them a reason to.

If they were...

...It's because you're doing something great.

But if that were the case...

You wouldn't give a fuck what they have to say.

The truth is…

If you can’t deal with a little chirping from a bunch of people who are gonna be doing the same damn thing in 20 years that they are doing today you don’t have what it takes anyway.

Just go join them and forget about what you really want.

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