You Are A Speck Of Dust

July 06, 2020 1 min read

Andy Talking at a meeting

You are a speck of dust.

Same as me.

As long as you can remember that no matter what you do, no matter what successes you might have, no matter how much money you make, how many people you help, how many people you impact...there is always more work to do.

You can always improve.

You can always do more.

You can always reinvent yourself into a more efficient, effective, and impactful you.

Success is about the pursuit of fulfillment of one’s true potential.

Since you are constantly progressing, evolving, learning new skills, and making new connections...your potential is always expanding.

Which means while it’s literally impossible to reach your peak potential in all areas of life…

Understanding that...and pursuing it & pushing through anyway is the mindset of CHAMPIONS.

True champions may only have a dozen moments in their life when they sit back and observe their accomplishments and feel proud...but they understand that the real pride comes from their true internal commitment to be the best.

In this era of instant gratification & internet champions...this mindset is certainly rare because it requires true clarity of purpose, and while this mindset certainly is rare....

My wish for you is that you can find a purpose that drives you to this mindset.

Remember, it’s hard to beat a "successful" man who knows he has yet to accomplish shit in the big scheme of things.

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