"Love Yourself" Is Not An Excuse To Be Lazy

July 07, 2020 1 min read

Andy leaning on a Dodge Charger

Don’t use the popular rhetoric “love yourself ” as an excuse to be a lazy piece of shit...and say “I am what I am”.

That’s weak, lazy & cowardly.

...and also extremely selfish…I’ll explain that in a sec.

The truth is...most of the time building yourself into someone you love is hard ass work and takes time.

...but people don’t like hearing that, because they want it NOW!

Don’t feel bad because all these “other people” seem to have this figured out.

...they don’t.

They are sheep marching the way they are told...and pretending to feel how they are told they should feel.

It’s fake.

It’s completely normal to look at yourself and not like certain things or not be proud...we all have that.

...it’s just most people lie about it.

Should you beat yourself up? Sometimes you actually should...but most of the time you should see what reality is, assess the current situation, take it for what it is...and get to work on being better.

Becoming someone YOU LOVE and YOU ARE PROUD of supersedes any other obligation you may have.

...because without it...your ability to fulfill your obligations to everyone else will be far less than what it could be.

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