Write a Story of Overcoming

October 21, 2023 1 min read

Andy Frisella standing in a garage 

It's always a long road when you start...

It's always a long road when you're in it...

It's never a long road when it's over.

Do your best to live a meaningful life.

A life that truly matters.

A life that brings others along and shows them how to make the most of theirs.

A life that provides hope, inspiration, and a blueprint for the people coming behind you.

A life that commands others to do better and be better through your example.

Stop wallowing in the hardships.

Stop victimizing yourself with your sad story.

Your life is a book you are writing as you go...

...and in the end, most people have an entire book full of sad stories.

Nobody reads those books because they're all the same.

The books that get read are the stories of overcoming the sadness and hardship that we all inevitably face.

If you want your book to be read...

Write a story of overcoming ... not wallowing.

The road gets real short real fast when your time is up.

Leave a story that matters.

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