Winners Don’t Focus on Gossip and Drama

March 18, 2024 1 min read

Andy Frisella walking through a building 

You’ll never see someone who’s winning big talk shit about other people…

…because winners don’t focus on gossip and drama.

They’re too busy actually doing meaningful things with their life.

The people who don’t have anything going on in their lives…

…are the ones who spread the gossip.

They spend their lives talking about other people’s lives so they don’t have to address their own.

If you are serious about winning in life and doing anything worthwhile with your time…

Keep moving forward and let everyone else take their eye off the ball with gossip and drama.

It’s wasted energy.

It’s wasted energy and it adds up over time to big differences in the end result.

If it isn’t moving you forward it doesn’t belong.

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