3 Things That Keep Me Motivated

March 19, 2024 2 min read

”What keeps you motivated when you’ve accomplished so much in life?”

I usually get that question from other people who have accomplished a few things and gotten comfortable.

My answer is always the same … which is this:

There are 3 things that keep me motivated…

1. Family

The thousands of employees that work with me for our collective mission are my family.

I spend most of my time with them.

They are with me in the trenches day in and day out.

We operate like a unit going to war for good.

They push me to do better.

I owe it to them and to their families to be motivated and be better than yesterday.

2. Humility

Even though it looks like I’ve accomplished some things in my life…

I haven’t done shit in the big scheme of things, especially when looking at where we want to go.

So, keeping my ego in check…

And knowing that I have a long way to go is a huge factor in keeping me moving.

3. Purpose

The modern society has taken an ugly turn in the last couple of years.

I want to inspire change…

To show that we can change the world one person at a time.

That’s why I always say…

Personal Excellence is the Ultimate Rebellion.

We, as individuals, need to unite … set a good example and make America the best it’s ever been.

We need to be operating at our best…

So that we can show the coming generations what greatness looks like.

I will not fucking stop until that becomes the norm...

…when our communities and our country becomes the beacon of excellence where we celebrate and encourage true freedom.

These are the things that get me going and push me to give my absolute best every single day…

I have a long way to go.

And I won’t stop.

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