Widen The Gap Today

May 11, 2024 1 min read

It's Saturday.

The weekend.

What are your plans?

Most people will likely be using the next two days to fuck off and "recharge" their batteries.

...but not everyone.

Real winners treat their weekends differently.

They don't let their foot off the gas to take a breather.


Instead, they recognize the opportunity the weekend gives them to get ahead.

...and they take full advantage of it.

If Saturday and Sunday are 2 days out of the 7 you are given every week...

That means the weekend accounts for close to 30% of your week...

30% of your month...

30% of your year...

30% of your LIFE.

If you choose to use these days wisely by continuing to invest in your skill set...

Continuing to perfect your craft...

Continuing to execute on your daily tasks...

...and continuing to move forward while everybody else pisses this time down the drain...

You will create a massive gap between yourself and everybody else in the long term.

Who the fuck can compete with that?

Who can compete with the person who shows up and makes progress every single day?

Next to nobody.

Don't take these opportunities for granted.

Your biggest goals in life will not be possible for you if you do.

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