What's Holding You Back?

March 19, 2023 1 min read

Andy speaking to a group

Early in an elephant's life … it can easily be restrained with a stake and a piece of rope.

It's too weak to break free no matter how hard it tries.

Eventually, the elephant accepts that its efforts are worthless and stops trying to break free.

Then as the elephant grows...


...and becomes a massive, powerful creature that could very easily free itself from such a weak restraint...

It doesn’t.


Because the elephant has already accepted that the rope and stake have control over it … so it no longer tries to free itself.

The elephant has come to terms with what it believes to be its limits.

This had me thinking...

What if the reason most people never become great is because of their perceived limits?

Because here's the truth...

You don't have limits…

You have stories that may have once been true at one point but no longer are that you tell yourself about why you can’t.

These stories are what restrain you from breaking free and living a life on your terms...

No different than the elephant being restrained by the stake and rope.

Take a second to consider what's holding you back in life…

Take a look in the mirror...

Then tell yourself the truth...

The real truth.

The truth being:

You have been lying to yourself.

You honestly don’t know your potential because you have truly never committed to it.

Then commit to it with your actions…

…and fuck the tired old bullshit stories.

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