What The Axe Can Teach You About Success...

June 09, 2020 2 min read


EVERYONE wants to know the “SECRET” to success.

People spend their whole lives looking for it.

For years I've thought about what I would tell someone “the secret” was if I had only a minute to tell them.

I found the answer in the axe.

The axe is such a simple tool, but incredible tool.

It's not complicated.

It's not fancy.

It's not glamorous.

It IS extremely effective.

It's been a tool that’s literally shaped our landscape, built civilizations, and provided for families for hundreds of years.

There are four aspects to making an axe effective:


You gotta swing the axe. No trees get cut down with the axe laying on the ground. You gotta swing it...HARD.


You have to hit the tree in the same spot over & over & over again. It does you no good to go up & down the tree swinging wildly. You have to hit your mark many many times.


You have to have a sharp blade. It does you no good to pound away at a tree as hard as you can in the same spot with a dull blade. You have to notice when the blade gets dull, take a minute, step back, and sharpen it.


Even if you swing as hard as you can, in the same spot, with the sharpest blade...cutting down a tree takes time. You can't do it in just a few swings. You have to keep going until the tree starts to fall and gravity brings it all the way down.

The Axe is amazingly simple, yet labor intensive...just like success in anything.

If you are not making the progress you think you should and can't figure out why...I 100% GUARANTEE you that the answer is in one of the 4 elements of the axe.

My wish for you is to approach your life as a Lumberjack would approach using an axe.

Apply these four elements to whatever you are doing and you’ll find “The Secret to Success” really isn’t a secret at all.


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