What Opportunities Are You Capitalizing On Now?

April 19, 2020 2 min read


It amazes me how blind people can be to the opportunities in front of them.

Young people usually lack the perspective to recognize them.

Older people are usually too beat down by the system to jump at them.

That doesn't change the fact that there is an overabundance of opportunity available to YOU.

Literally EVERYTHING can be turned around into a beneficial situation if you would take a minute to stop fucking pouting, whining & crying about how "bad" you have it or how "tough" things are.

The lack of opportunity isn't the issue.

It's not where is the opportunity...it's where isn't it?!

It's the lack of willingness to do your part to capitalize on it...THAT'S THE ISSUE.

When you're a young man or woman there is plenty to choose from.

You can do anything.

Be anything.

Accomplish anything.

There are so many opportunities we have trouble choosing. Some real. Some not.

So the question becomes...are you seasoned and smart enough to recognize the REAL opportunities from the false ... and are you willing to stick one out long enough to have it pay off?

As you age, get married, have kids, get a mortgage, get divorced, get married, have REAL bills...it can be harder and harder to capitalize on opportunities...

Not that there are any less...you are just far less flexible in what you are willing to do to capitalize.

So the question becomes...what's it worth to you?

What are you willing to risk?

What happens if you don't take that risk?

My point is this:

Learn to recognize opportunities EARLY.

Look for the problems you can solve...and solve them. There is always value in that.

Sometimes the door of opportunity will appear to be shut...but if your solution & value is real...it will open once you've effectively displayed your value FIRST.


If you're fortunate enough to be in a position where the door of opportunity opens for you..don't expect to be drug through it kicking & screaming.


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