Choose The Path Of The Most Resistance

April 20, 2020 2 min read

Dirty hands 

What do you see when you look at this?

I see a contradictory representation of the desire of today's society.

Today everyone wants it...





Low stress.



Which is exactly why most people never get what they are after.

Everything you hear is about instant gratification.


You know why?

Because it's an easy sell to the sheep.

How could you sell: "This is going to be hard as fuck...and take long as fuck"?

How could you sell a book, seminar, or a "success program" that says:

"You're going to have to work harder than you ever imagined, struggle more than you ever thought possible...'re going to sweat, bleed, cry, and doubt your very existence A LOT to get where you want to go."

Nothing about ANYTHING we hear tells you to go do the hard ass shit and make your life purposely harder...but I am.

Because THAT is precisely what creates greatness.

Name me one single thing in this life that is fucking amazing that can be had immediately or with zero effort?

It's a GREAT THING to dream, think, and work toward ENORMOUS goals...most people are incapable of this.

However, it's an extremely dangerous thing to expect results overnight, or have unrealistic expectations in the amount of struggle it's going to take.

More people quit because they don't "expect" it to be "that hard" than any other reason.

FACT: It is THAT hard!

Without these struggles, you can't have the proper appreciation for success.

Know that the struggles you are going through now are forging you, teaching you, and preparing you for future success...and how to handle it.

As long as you pick up the lessons, these struggles have to offer and don't WILL make it!

It's not chance.

It's not magic.

It's not up to anyone else other than YOU.

Once you come to understand that as fact, the entire game changes.

Success is a battle of persistence.

It's a test of endurance & fortitude.

It's a battle of who can take the most punches to the face and keep getting up.

It's not an easy or short journey.

It's a bitch. IS worth it!


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