What Makes You Unique?

October 09, 2021 1 min read

Andy sitting in his car

Most people try so hard to fit in ... that they eventually become a carbon copy of everyone else.

They act like everyone else...

They talk like everyone else…

They live like everyone else…

...and then they wonder why they never do anything extraordinary in life.

They dilute their uniqueness so much that they become another Average Joe.

Develop what’s special about YOU.

Invest in the talents and skills YOU bring to the table.

Think about what makes YOU a valuable addition to the team.

Stop trying to be like everybody else...

Unless you want to live a life that's the same as everybody else.

You can’t do real, impactful shit in life by being a watered-down version of yourself.

Your unique skillset and character will bring you abundance in life...

But only if you embrace it, own it & lead with it.

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