We're Counting on You

January 26, 2024 1 min read

Andy Frisella 

I think a lot about the times we are living in.

These are legitimately historical times.

Pivotal times.

Not just for Americans...

But for humanity.

Our actions truly matter right now.

Our words matter.

Our thoughts matter.

How we live our lives matters.

Not many people get to live in a time like this.

Not many people get a chance to make a real difference in this world...

...and right now...

We all do.

With massive upside if we win...

...and massive downside if we lose.

By "we" I mean the "peasant class" … normal, "non-elite" humans.

Will you be proud of your behavior during these times down the road?

I'm pretty certain I will.

I get a little peace from that.

You will too...

But only if your actions are aligned with the results you're looking to produce during these times.

Take some time to think about whether they are or not … and make the necessary adjustments.

We're counting on you...

Don't let us down.

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