We All Lead People

June 02, 2022 1 min read

Andy working out

Have you ever considered what kind of example you're setting for others?

This is something that I think about almost obsessively.

I'm always aware of what people could be learning or observing from me at all times.

I truly believe that my life is a result of me living this way.

I'm not saying I'm perfect.

In fact, I'm far from it.

But this outside pressure to set the best example I can for others has made me a far better person in every area of my life.

Which way are you leading the people that look up to you?

Notice how I didn't ask whether you're a leader or not.

We all lead people.

Whether we're conscious of it or not...

We all have people that look up to us and model our actions and behaviors.

Just because you weren't given the title of "leader" doesn't mean you aren't one.

So I would evaluate what kind of leader you are and the example you're setting...

Because every single fucking thing you do is leading SOMEONE.

...and you have a moral obligation to show them the right way to live, succeed, love, and prosper in life.


It's never just about you.

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