We All Have To Do This...

November 18, 2020 1 min read

Andy sitting in his charger

In life, we all have to do what I call "running the gauntlet."

Let me explain...

Most people get a job, and they give it 80% effort.

They stay at that job for 2-3 years ... then leave, because "there were no opportunities."

They start over & move onto a new job...

They give the same 80% effort...

And 2-3 years later, they move onto the next job...

They repeat this cycle their entire life ... never gaining any real traction.

They have 0 sense of fulfillment ... and they assume success wasn't meant for them.

So they continue to run the gauntlet.

Then, there's the other people...

These people understand if they commit 100% to their path...

They can achieve anything.

These people will come in early ... stay late ... work weekends ... and do whatever it takes to move themselves forward on their path. 

By committing to the process, they can run the gauntlet in 5-10 years...

And as a result live the rest of their life on their terms.

So the question for you is...

Are you willing to commit 100% for the next 5-10 years?

Or would you rather run the gauntlet for the rest of your life?

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