Want More Sales? Make This Simple Shift...

September 02, 2020 1 min read

chalkboard with HELP written on it

You want to win in life?

You want to be the best?

You want to make a big impact?

Do this…

Replace the word “sell” with “help” in your vocabulary.

For example…

Instead of asking “How do we sell more cars?”

Ask “How do we help more people find the right car for their needs?”


Instead of “How do we get more sales online?”

Ask “How do we make our website easier to use, and help more people solve their problem?”

I’ve said this before, and the normal objection I get is “If we don’t talk about sales, they’ll go down.”


When you focus on helping people … the numbers will take care of themselves.

It sounds so simple, that most people don’t do it or believe it…

But I can tell you that the people who make the biggest impact and have the most success in life are focused on how they can help you…

...not how they can sell you.

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