Use Your Disadvantages to Your Advantage

December 26, 2022 2 min read

Andy standing on stage with his arms out

Have you ever thought about how the things you consider to be your biggest "disadvantages" in life could actually be your biggest advantages?

It all depends on how you choose to see them.

I think this is one of the biggest roadblocks for most people.

Let me explain...

For most of my life, I've always been the "fat guy."

I was a fat kid.

I was a fat teenager.

I was a fat adult.

For the majority of my existence on this planet I'd self loath:

"Why am I the unlucky one to get the fat gene?"

“Why are other people so lucky that they can eat whatever they want and stay in shape?”

“Why did God hate me so much that he put me in this body where if I look at a pizza I gain 10lbs?”

Then one day it clicked for me and I’m so grateful it did.

God didn’t hate me. He put me here for a reason.

The reason he put me here was blatantly obvious…

The minute I started to rewire my thought process on this everything changed … not just for me … for a shit ton of people.

Instead of pointing the finger at how "unlucky" or “cursed” I was...

I adopted the mindset that this was an opportunity for me to overcome my struggles right in front of everyone … everyday … and show others what's actually possible for them as well.

I bought into that fully and lived it … and still live it.

Today, as you probably are aware, I own a number of companies and am involved in many projects … where our entire mission is to help others overcome their struggles and improve their health, fitness, confidence, discipline, skillset, finances and quality of life.

Had I not given myself the opportunity to push through my own struggles...

Had I not opened my own eyes to the tremendous opportunity in my hands…

I would have never developed the skills and experience to help others through the exact same journey.

You wouldn’t even be reading this here & now.

Understand, this exact same concept can be applied to any area of your life RIGHT NOW.

So if you feel less fortunate or unlucky or cursed…

Consider the fact that these disadvantages are actually providing you an incredible opportunity for you to win ... and even better … help other people win.

IF you choose to overcome them.

If you don't...

Don't act surprised when nothing great happens in your life.

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