“Trying” Is Not Doing

April 04, 2022 1 min read

Andy working out

The ultimate cop out in life is this single phrase...

"I'll give it a try."

We all know people who set out to do something new...

But instead of making the commitment to give it their 100% effort...

They "give it a try" so they can justify their half-ass effort and protect their ego when they fail.

What these people fail to understand is this...

"Trying" is not doing…

Nor will it give you anywhere near the same result as actually committing to doing the work.

People who "try" are people who fucking lose.

If you actually want to accomplish anything significant in your life...

You have to commit.

Quit it with this "I'll try" bullshit.

Otherwise, you will be very disappointed with the outcome of your life.

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