Trust Your Plan

November 13, 2022 1 min read

Andy talking and pointing to a board

I see far too many people who go out to accomplish a goal...

Make a plan to reach their goal...

Start executing on their plan...

Gain some momentum...

Accumulate a few wins...

Then they get hit with a setback.

They get punched in the face…

...and instead of staying the course...

They begin to seek out the next opportunity that may be better/easier … which takes their focus and energy off of their original plan.

They begin to believe that their plan doesn't work, when the reality is...

It's not their plan that isn't working...

It's THEM.

They don't have the fortitude or perseverance to stick with their original plan long enough to reap the real rewards.

...and when they abandon their original idea … it puts them in a worse spot than where they started.

This is why most people struggle in life.

I call it Opportunity Quicksand...

The single biggest killer of dreams.

If you're always jumping from thing to thing...

You will never be successful in life.

So quit abandoning your goals and dreams when shit gets hard.

Trust your plan.

Develop some grit.

...and keep executing no matter how many times you get punched in the face.

It's worth it.

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