Trust Me On This…

April 07, 2022 1 min read

Andy sitting down

The more experienced I've become in business and life...

The more I've come to realize that a lot of success both personally and professionally comes down to moving forward when everyone else slows down…


Or quits.

It's a huge deal when you truly understand the game and how it works.

Trust me on this.

When everyone else and everything else is going crazy...

Get laser focused on getting better.

It multiplies the gap because you aren't just getting better...

...You are getting better when everyone else is going backwards.

It’s a big difference.

Shit’s gonna get hard.

Get focused.

Make this the time you look back and say: "That's the time that fucking made me."

We will get through all this and things will be better.

You want to be in the best position possible when that happens.


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