Real Happiness & Fulfillment Are Found in the Work

September 10, 2021 1 min read

Andy standing

How do you define success?

I define it like this:

The commitment to the pursuit of your own true potential.

Here's why...

Your potential is ever-changing, ever-evolving & ever-expanding through the mistakes you make...

Through the lessons you learn...

Through the new skills you develop as a result of those lessons.

Making it impossible to actually reach your true full potential.

So to me...

It's about the commitment to the journey…

It’s about going to battle every fucking day no matter how you feel knowing that you'll never actually get there.

Most people are looking for fulfillment when they arrive at their destination.

That's the shit losers think...

…and why they never find it.

Legendary humans understand that no matter what they accomplish...

It will never be enough…

…not because they need “more” but because they need more to do.

They know they’ll never reach their actual potential…

…and they give it hell anyway.

That’s the win.

That’s where the fulfillment is hiding from you…

The real happiness and fulfillment is found in the work...

…not the result.

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