How Specific Are Your Goals?

September 09, 2021 1 min read

Andy sitting in a car

Most people have big dreams.

They want a big house…

They want to earn a lot of money…

They want to drive nice cars...

I like that shit too.

But when you ask these same people to give you the specifics of what they want...

They won't have an answer for you.

Understand that vague goals won't take you very far.

You have to be specific.

Successful people are very clear about the things they want...

All the way down to the smallest details.

They know the exact floor plan of the house they want.

They know the exact amount of money they want to make.

They know the exact models, color, and trim of the cars they want.


Clearly defined goals are easy to measure.

If you can't in detail describe your goals…

You can't reach them.

Take the effort to hone in on exactly what you want...

If you don't...

You’ll get the leftovers of people who do.

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