This Is What It Means To Be a Great Leader…

July 28, 2022 2 min read

Andy talking

People have the wrong idea about leadership.

Most people think leadership is about “being the man”...

Living in the big house with all the toys…

Getting the trophy for the job well done…

But none of that shit has ANYTHING to do with leadership.

Most people think leadership means you are above the people you lead.

They think leadership is fun and exciting.

They think it's about glory.

All of these points are why most people are shitty leaders.

The truth about leadership is that it's fucking hard … and if you want to be great at it...

You better get comfortable being unpopular & misunderstood most of the time.

Leadership is putting the greater good ahead of the individual...

...and ahead of yourself.

It's making decisions that are not only difficult … but also unpopular at times.

It's walking away from comfort and into difficulties purposefully.

It's listening & acting selflessly.

It's mastering the nuances and understanding that very few “rules” are written in stone.

Leading is extremely lonely.

It's learning to recognize & value actions over words and promises ... in yourself and your team.

It's letting your actions & results do the talking … knowing your words carry little weight.

Great leadership is about getting your hands dirty first … not last.

The leadership journey is cemented in solitude, reflection, and accountability to your own integrity.

It's about recognizing when the team is hurting and knowing when to pull your team through it … or step back & regroup.

Being a “GREAT LEADER” isn't a title one gives themselves…

It's an earned title.

And once you earn that title … you don't get to automatically keep it forever…

It is earned daily.

The only way you can become a great leader forever is to die a great leader.

Which means if you want to be remembered as a “GREAT LEADER” as long as there is air in your lungs...

There is work to be done.

So why be a leader?

Because the job has to be done … and nobody else is going to do it.

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