This Is What Keeps Most People Stuck in Life…

February 01, 2022 1 min read

Andy sitting in the gym

Compromise your standard on one thing…

...and you’ll start compromising on everything.

It’s the slippery slope that will guarantee an average life for you.

Have you ever wondered why most people never see bad shit coming?

It's because they see some things as a “small compromise”...

"Not a big deal"...

Especially when they compare it to their big/important tasks.

But here's the reality...

Every compromise you make will infect every area of your life.

When you start getting comfortable with not putting 100% into everything...

You're fucked.

The bad habits will seep into every other thing that you do in life...

...and then, when your life becomes an uncontrollable shit show…

You sit there and wonder what the fuck happened.

Think about how you operate now…

What areas of life are you not happy with?

Your health?

Your finances?

Your career?

Your relationships?

Whatever it is … I guarantee you it's because you're compromising in some area of your life.

Always remember...

The number that shows up on your paycheck has less to do with what you execute on...

...and more to do with what you let slide by.

Think about it.

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