This is the Plague of Society...

June 19, 2024 2 min read


Victim culture is the plague of society.

Telling yourself a false story about why things happen the way they do and blaming it on everyone and everything around you will legitimately crush your entire life.

The internet has accelerated this because of the attention the "sad story" gets.

There are two sides to every story and people are quick to tell the sad part for attention...

...But always seem to conveniently leave out the part about what they did to create the sad story.

What people fail to realize is that this boxes them into an identity where nothing is their fault...

...and if nothing is their fault...

They were powerless in creating the situation.

Which also means they are powerless to change it moving forward.

See how this is a problem?

Own your shit.

It's your fault.

You did it.

....and you can do better next time.

Pretending to be a "poor little me" serves you for a millisecond and costs you a lifetime.

It also costs you the respect from others and yourself.

People may give you some attention because they are being polite...

But they know it's bullshit.

Just like you do.

...and yes...

Obviously there are things that happen beyond our control.

However, when you build the habit of owning the shit that is in your control in a real way instead of casting blame...

You condition yourself to be resilient in the face of actual uncontrollable hardship when it inevitably comes.

The vast majority of the things you are frustrated with are a result of your past decisions and behavior.

Admit that to yourself so you can give yourself the power to change it moving forward.

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