This is the Only Story That Matters…

May 23, 2023 2 min read

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Social media has become an outlet for people to bitch about their life and compete for who has it the hardest.

It’s gross.

I see post after post from people who repeatedly pout about how sad and difficult their lives are in attempt to get sympathy and attention.

Everyone has hard days … or the occasional bad situation.

That’s not what I’m talking about here.

I’m talking about the professional victim that has the same story about how they got screwed, “abused” or “traumatized” in literally every single situation they deal with.

Every relationship was “trauma.”

Every disagreement was “abuse.”

Every failed job they got screwed.

…and they got a story for all situations worse than yours too.

These people fail to realize they are the only common denominator in their own dumpster fire.

Furthermore … while people may act like they care...

I promise you, they don't give a single fuck.

Every one of us has a sad story or two…


Not just you.

...and competing for who's had it the worst is pointless and an irrelevant waste of time.

Instead of bitching, whining and crying about your struggles and challenges to strangers on the internet…

Be the person who goes out to create a story of overcoming.

Be the person who shows the problem AND the solution.

Losers take what they are given in life and whine about it when it's not what they expected.

Winners take what they are given in life and transform it into exactly what the fuck they want.

You don't have to settle for the life you have now...

You don't have to be the victim...

You don't have to identify with a sad story...

You're just choosing to.

The sooner you understand this...

The sooner you'll be able to recognize and eliminate your own bullshit and start making progress.

Quit dwelling on your story of struggle.


Shit’s hard.

That’s it.

Life is like that.

…and start creating your story of overcoming.

That's the story people want to hear.

That’s the story that matters.

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