This is Our Duty…

July 22, 2023 1 min read

Andy Frisella speaking on stage

What would the world look like if we could all establish a set of shared beliefs and values...

...and acted as a unified force for the greater good?

How much better would society be?

How much better would our country be?

How much better would our communities be?

How much better would each and every one of us be?

We all need to take some time to clearly define what we want as a collective group of humans...

Then all start rowing the boat in the same direction.

99% of us just want what's best for ourselves, each other, and the world...

If we can recognize that...

Start helping and supporting the people to the left and right of us...

...and pushing each other to be better...

There's nothing that can stand in our way of creating the most propsperous culture and society that's ever existed.

We see a lot of chaos in the world today...

But I truly believe that each and every one of us were put here at this time for a very specific reason...

What if that reason is to create the change in the world we need the most?

Nothing is going to change until we change it.

It's our duty.

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