This is One of My Few Regrets…

August 26, 2023 1 min read

Andy Frisella talking into a microphone

What am I trying to prove?


I'm just not foolish enough to think I can get by coasting through life.

When I was younger, I thought this.

I was wrong.

I wasted a lot of time that I wish I had back.


Wasting time with the wrong people.

Living at the lowest acceptable standard instead of the highest.

I'll never get that time back.

My hope is that you figure this out earlier than I did.

I didn't really figure it out until I was nearly 40.

Now, I show up every day and put myself through hell for two reasons:

1. I understand for me to produce the outcome I'm after ... discomfort is a requirement.

2. I'm not the type to preach and not do. My hope is that if I show up to endure the pain, and set that example ... you will see the journey through as well.

I have very few regrets...

Not understanding what I'm saying sooner is one of them.

I hope you don't do the same.

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