Think About This When You Talk to People...

January 22, 2021 1 min read

Andy talking to a man in the gym

How different would you treat people if you knew that every single person you interacted with…

Was going to leave a review of YOU on the internet for everyone to see?

Would you still talk to everyone the same way?

Would you still only be nice to the people who are capable of giving you a promotion or making you more money?

Would you still be rude to the guy who has nothing to give back to you?

Think about it.

If you are struggling in your life and in your career…

I can guarantee you 100%...

That if you can learn to live your life…

As if every interaction you have is available for everyone to review...

You will see a tremendous improvement in all areas of your life.

And if you're sitting there thinking...

“I wouldn’t treat people any different … I always treat everybody the same…”

You are lying to yourself.

I can do better.

You can do better.

We all can do better.

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