These Days Will Make or Break You

November 24, 2023 1 min read

Andy Frisella walking with a ruck sack

Some days are going to feel like everything is out of your control.

Some days are going to feel like you're getting pulled in every direction.

Some days are going to feel like the universe is conspiring against you.

Some days are just going to suck … which makes doing the shit you know you need to do far more difficult.

...but regardless of how difficult these days may be...

You must pass the test these days present.

When you step up to the challenge and execute on these days...

You will build confidence...

You will build grit...

You will build resilience...

...and you will build the momentum you need to become truly unstoppable.

When you allow these days to dictate your execution...

You keep yourself from building the strength and skills necessary to face bigger challenges in the future.

The outcome of your life comes down to whether you pass these test days or not.

Embrace them and look forward to these days.

They are massive opportunities to create a stronger version of yourself.

Pass the test.

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