The Truth About Happiness

July 03, 2023 2 min read

Andy rucking outside

I hear a lot about "happiness" these days.

I see people putting happiness as their primary objective of their existence.

This is flawed thinking.

Deferred happiness is a necessity of success and fulfillment.


Almost everything that's required for success and fulfillment is uncomfortable, uncompromising, and rarely "fun"…

Unless you adjust your perspective on fun.

Personally, I think the hard shit I put myself through every single day is a lot of fun...

…but only because I understand clearly what doing hard shit others won't do actually produces in my life.

I see a lot of people fuck up their lives because they lack the proper perspective of reality which is this:

Do you want to be happy and care-free everyday?


Do you want the shit you really say you want for yourself?

Because it's one or the other.

Never both.

Pushing through the "unhappy" times is a requirement of an extraordinary existence.

If you quit everything you ever try the minute you aren't happy doing it...

How far do you really expect to get?

You’ll get less than a day down the road.

Less than a single day.

If that’s all you got…

…you may as well cash it in now.

…but we both know that ain’t all you got.

Is it?

Think about how much happier you will be by living the life you truly want vs selling that dream down the shitter because the work required frustrates you now.

Nobody feels like doing it all the time.

Nobody feels happy all the time.

It’s a ridiculous expectation.

That kind of thinking will cost you everything.

All the great shit in life is earned.

Including your happiness.

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