The Recipe For A Great Future Generation

April 11, 2021 1 min read

Andy with his nephew taking a picture together

What happens when you teach kids their entire lives that they are special little flowers for being born, and then send them out in the real world?

They get stomped on.

The real world doesn’t care how special you think they are…

Or how special they think they are.

The competition in the real world is cut-throat…

And nobody cares about your feelings.

Do the kids in your life a favor…

Prepare them for reality.

Tell them the truth.

Quit raising them on the weak foundation of idealism.

Don’t "protect" them by filling their heads with how great they are when they haven't done anything yet.

We have to teach them grit...

We have to teach them about competition...

We have to teach them how to win...


We have to instill the ideology of competing hard to win…

And if you lose...

Own it...


And come back to fight again for that top spot.

That’s the recipe for a great future generation.

That’s the core of a healthy and successful society.

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