The Real Meaning of Humility

October 04, 2023 1 min read

Andy Frisella talking at a table

Society will convince you that "humility" is about living a small and mediocre life.

...and the minute you break free from this mold and achieve any level of success...

All the people who aren't doing shit with their lives will be quick to remind you to "be humble."

Don't listen.

Real humility has nothing to do with concealing your wins and success.

Real humility is an understanding that no matter how great you become...

You are not "better" than anybody else...

...and you will always have far more to learn and improve upon.

Don't paralyze yourself from taking action toward pursuing your biggest goals and dreams out of fear of what the peanut gallery will have to say.

Fuck em.

For every single person you upset with your wins and success...

Someone else will be inspired to go out and achieve the same things for themself.

I truly believe there is nothing more noble than that.

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