The Only Game That Matters…

August 23, 2022 1 min read

Andy speaking on stage

Have you ever noticed how invested some people are in their favorite sports team?

When their team is playing … they put their entire life on pause to watch.

They cheer...

They scream...

They jump...

They clap...

They even become emotionally attached to the outcome.

But when it comes to their own lives … they don't bring a fraction of the same enthusiasm or obsession.

Why is that?

You mean to tell me that you'll bring the intensity and passion for a game that has zero impact on your success…

But you’ll go through your own life just checking boxes and putting in a half-assed effort when it comes to the shit that actually matters?

If you’re guilty of this…

Don't act surprised when you accomplish nothing.

Your actions tell the universe that you don't care about where you end up.

Your actions tell the universe that you'd rather have the short-term fulfillment from a fucking game you're not even playing in.

Think about that for a second, then consider this...

How much better would your life look if you treated it like the big game on TV?

My guess is A LOT.

So start getting serious about winning in real life.

It's the only game that matters.

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