It Takes the Effort of Many…

August 22, 2022 1 min read

Group huddle

Society will try to convince you that in order to be successful in life … you have to step on every single person that gets in your way.

The reality is … this is just a bullshit "moral" justification used by unsuccessful people to make them feel better about not doing shit with their lives.

It's pathetic.

...and the irony is...


The more value you provide...

The more positivity you contribute...

The better the example you set...

The more EVERYONE around you progresses...

...and the more that will come directly back to YOU.

Accomplishing anything great in life takes the focused and dedicated efforts of many.

It takes a great team...

It takes a great family...

It takes a great culture...

Trust me when I say this...

You will never be able to do it alone.

So quit buying into the idea that you have to "fuck people over" to get to the top.

Start contributing to the people around you and show your genuine support & appreciation at every opportunity you get.

…and watch your entire life get better.

It’s that simple.

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