The One Thing We All Have

June 15, 2020 1 min read

Andy Walking

You may not be the smartest.

You may not be the fastest.

You may not be the strongest.

You may not have the best of circumstances.

In fact, for 99.99% of us, the above statements are true. I know they are for me.

For most people, the above is enough reason to never even try...which is sad.

Because there is one thing we all have:


All of us have that.

Most of us look at "the other guy/girl" and assume they are better, smarter, and have something we don't.

And sometimes they do.

Most of the time...they don't.

In most cases, the only thing "they" have that you don’t, is an understanding that if they do the work, they are going to be better than they were yesterday...and a willingness to DO THE WORK.

In many cases, they do the work day in & day out long enough that they come very VERY close to fulfilling their true potential, which is where greatness is born.

If fulfillment of your own true potential in all areas of life isn't the definition of success in life...I don't know what is.


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