The 24-Hour Rule

June 22, 2022 1 min read

Andy talking to his friend Ed

We all know someone who over-celebrates their wins.

They get a small win … and immediately begin to think they've "made it.”

Then, you see them attempt to ride the wave of their small accomplishment for the rest of their life…

Thinking it's enough to carry them forever…

...and that's when they lose.

They take their eye off the ball … and never accomplish anything else for the rest of their life.

That's why I started using my "24-Hour Rule" years ago.

It works like this...

When you get a win that you worked your ass off for...

Celebrate it for no longer than 24 hours.

After that, move it aside … adjust your focus to the next win ... and keep working toward that next win.

This will keep your focus on executing every day … which will allow you to rack up more wins.

If you're always focused on your previous wins...

You will always be way behind the motherfuckers who attack every day with the same intensity … regardless of how successful they've been to this point.

So take time to celebrate your wins...

...but after the 24 hours … that win is no longer relevant.

So get back to work.

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