Take Back Control

April 10, 2023 2 min read

Andy sitting in the gym 

I used to be the person who wouldn't go to social events because I felt fat.

I was the person who wore the same outfit all the time because it felt like I was tricking people by hiding how big I was.

I hated going shopping...

I wouldn't go to barbecues...

I wouldn't go to the beach...

I wouldn't go to the pool...

I used to go into restaurants and not be able to order any of the shit that I knew I should be ordering … and always ended up ordering drinks and appetizers and all the shit that I wanted...

I had zero control.

…and it was actually making me feel fucking miserable.

I was that guy for a long time.

Most of my life.

...and the reason why I talk about this is to hopefully make some of you understand that it is possible to change that life.

You do not have to live that life.

You have the opportunity every single day to not live that life...

You are just choosing to not make that change.

...and while that may not be fun to hear...

That’s the truth.

You can choose multiple times a day to say “Fuck this, I'm going to do what I know is best for me”

Yes, it's hard.

No, it's not easy.

Yes, it takes time.

But here's the thing...

It's worth every ounce of effort...


The reason I say this is because I see more and more people every single day just accepting where they are.

If that's you...

I hope you know that you can do so much better.

You were born to be so much better.

You are capable of being so much better.

...and when you become better and become that version of yourself that you secretly want to because you're so sick of living this other life...

You'll begin to see just how much of your life you've been leaving up to circumstance or "fate."

Everything in your life will change from that point forward.

Take back control.

The world needs your story of overcoming.

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