Success is a Choice

February 01, 2023 1 min read

Andy walking on a plane

What comes to mind when you think about what it means to be successful?

Most people will say things like financial freedom...

Fame and influence...

A certain level of personal achievement...

Or even being healthy and happy...

Which are all perfectly valid and respectable opinions...

But I truly believe that one of the biggest reasons why people feel lost in life is because they haven't found their true definition of success.

This is what ultimately keeps them from forming and executing on a game plan to go out and build anything worth while.

I don't believe that success is about money, achievement, fame, or any of those things...

I believe that success is the commitment to the constant pursuit of your true potential.

Not the FULFILLMENT of your potential...

The PURSUIT of your potential.

You have to understand that your potential as a human is always evolving through the skills you build … and the lessons you learn on your journey.

That's why I don't consider success a destination...

It's a choice.

It’s a lifestyle.

It’s a standard you aspire to live to.

It’s hard work.

…but I’ve never heard a person totally committed to getting better every day say they regret it.

At the end of my life I’d like to be able say I gave it my all…

…and mean it.

How ‘bout you?

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