Stop Taking the Easy Path

May 26, 2024 1 min read

Greatness is built on the path of most resistance...

Never the least.

This always has been true.

...and this always will be true.

In fact ... I cannot think of a single situation in my life where it hasn't been.

Every time I've taken the easy path...

I got fucked.

Every time I've taken the difficult path...

I've been rewarded.

...and that doesn't even account for all the valuable skills and lessons I've derived from taking the hard path.

Skills and lessons that I've been able to apply moving forward and have amplified my efforts and results greatly.

That's the truth.

Stop taking the easy path.

It will lead you directly to a life of mediocrity, insignificance, and suffering.

Take the path of most resistance.

It's the only path that leads to greatness.

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