Stop Setting “Realistic” Goals

September 01, 2021 1 min read

Andy on stage at an event

“You need to set more realistic goals.”

How many times do you hear shit like this?

If it's often...

You're doing something right.

But most people will take this criticism to heart, and step back in line.

They let people who are incapable of thinking outside the bounds of an average life affect their goals and dreams.

They start thinking smaller and more "attainable”…

Which leads to small actions with little urgency…

Which in turn ends up creating their reality.

When you set big goals for yourself...

You not only free your mind to see, think, and execute on bigger things in life...

You take bigger actions.

You’ll begin to create new realities of what’s possible perpetually.

Your dreams will get bigger…

Your wins will get bigger…

Your fulfillment and all the good things in life will get bigger.

Trust me … I’m right on this:

If you dream of average shit, you’ll get average shit.

Don’t get caught up in the mirage of setting “realistic” and “attainable” goals…

It only feeds your habit of thinking and producing very little.

Dream fucking massive.

Take action on those dreams day by day by day…

You will get so much further and save yourself so many problems by thinking and living this way.

Every fucking person who has accomplished anything worth mentioning were called crazy for having their dreams.

Every one.

They just chose to not listen.

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