Stop Playing Small

December 24, 2022 1 min read

Andy walking toward a plane

99% of the time you play small because of what "they" might think or say...

”They" don't even exist.

The other 1% of the time, the people you are afraid will talk shit are literally the same people you see in real life and think to yourself:

"What the fuck?!"

Most of the people who have anything negative to say about you trying to win, becoming better, or building a great life are literally real life losers.

They provide nothing of real value to anyone...

Including you.

So of course they hate you.

You'd hate you too if you were them.

...But you're you.

...and you're out here censoring yourself and playing small for those motherfuckers?

Their life is punishment enough.

Remember that.

Winning big and being happy is the ultimate "fuck you" that you could ever deliver.

So go do that and remember that when you go out and build a kick ass life...

Other people will start to see what's possible for them … and go out to do the same.

There is massive nobility in that.

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