Stop Living in a Reactive State

June 06, 2023 1 min read

Andy getting into a car

When an artist picks up their paintbrush to create a new piece of art...

They don't just start painting and see what happens...

Before they even pick up the brush, they have an idea in their mind of exactly what the finished piece will look like.

Which makes me wonder why so many people go through life with no plan...

No goals...

No critical tasks to complete every day...

...and no idea what kind of life they want to create.

These people are like a leaf in the wind … getting blown in every direction with no real control over where they end up.

They put more thought into their plans for the weekend than they do their life.

The reason they feel stuck is because they choose to live their life in a reactive state.

If you want a great life...

You have to form a vision of exactly what you want...

Then break it down into actionable steps that will help you take a step closer to your goals every single day.

That's the difference between living your life proactively vs reactively.

Cast a vision...

Make a plan...

Then execute.

Living your life proactively is the only way to turn your vision into reality.

…and it’s worth it.

Be intentional.

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