Stop Expecting Life to Get Easier

August 13, 2023 1 min read

Andy Frisella walking through a park

Life gets a lot easier when you stop expecting life to get easier.

The world doesn't bend reality to suit your comfort level.

Expecting things to change to your liking is going to leave you frustrated, disappointed, unfulfilled, and broke in every way possible.

Expecting shit to get harder...

Way fucking harder...

Then preparing for the hardship by building yourself into a stronger, tougher, more resilient you...

…is the only way your life will get "easier."

Nobody owes you.

The world doesn't owe you.

You owe you.

...and if you want to live a better life all the way around...

You owe it to yourself to hold the highest standards possible...

...and never compromise on those high standards.

Life doesn't get easier.

You have to get better.


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