Start Acting With Urgency at All Times

July 31, 2023 1 min read

Andy Frisella walking

Most people spend their entire life operating with selective urgency.

When they recognize a problem...

Instead of taking action...

They brush it off and make a decision about what's more important to them in the moment.

As the problem continues to present itself ... they repeat this cycle over and over again.

Eventually, the problem becomes too big to ignore.

When this happens … these people finally decide to get urgent and aggressive about finding and implementing the solution.

Only this time ... it's far too late.

Their opportunity to fix the problem has already come and gone.

We see this in people's relationships...

We see this with people's health...

We see this in people's careers...

Since they spend so much time procrastinating and kicking the can down the road...

They ultimately create a scenario where the problem is no longer possible to solve...

Which results in a life of pain and suffering for them.

If you'd like to break yourself free from an average existence...

You must act with urgency at all times.

Not just when you "feel like it."

Not just when shit hits the fan.


You may not like to hear that…

…but it’s the truth.

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