Shift Your Focus

October 25, 2022 1 min read

Andy smiling

The reason most people struggle with lingering feelings of suffering and pain is because of their self-centered thinking.

The minute something bad happens to them, they immediately begin to think...

"Why me?"

"Why do I deserve this?"

"Why do I always get fucked over?"

Then they spend an enormous amount of their time obsessing over these unfavorable outcomes which keeps them in a constant state of suffering.

We can all admit we've had these thoughts and feelings before.

But have you ever tried asking yourself, "Why me?" when great shit happens to you?

You should.

The sooner you can shift your focus and thinking away from the negative shit that's happened to you...

...and begin focusing on everything great you have going for you...

The sooner you'll make room for the feeling of true happiness and appreciation for your life.


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