Real Intelligence Doesn’t Come From a Textbook

May 04, 2022 1 min read

Andy standing on stage

There hasn't been a single time where I've hired someone based on if they have a college degree or not.

In fact, I don't give a fuck what they went to school for.

Am I against college completely?  Of course not.

There are certain professions which you need to go to college and earn a degree for...

I respect that.

But to think that college is necessary to land a career or become successful in life is complete bullshit.

Yet, our youth is still sold the lie that as long as they go to college and get a degree, there will be companies waiting to hand them a 6-figure salary and a secure future.

This couldn't be further from the truth.

There are plenty of people who go through school with straight A's … only to get their ass beat in the real world.

Real intelligence can't be learned from a textbook...

Real intelligence is learned through solving real problems and executing in the real world.

That’s something a college degree can’t give you.

Take it from someone who runs real companies with thousands of employees…

I will take the motherfucker who works hard and learns on their own over the bookworm who got an A+ on their Biology test every single time.

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