Read This if You Ever Feel Overwhelmed...

November 20, 2020 1 min read

Andy driving a car 

From the time I was roughly 20 to roughly 30, I made ~$58,000.

Not $58,000 each year...

I made a COMBINED TOTAL of $58,000 in 10 years from my business.

So, if you are reading this…

And you feel overwhelmed…

And you feel like you're never gonna make it...

And you feel like everything you're doing is pointless...

I want you to understand that I've had those feelings as well...

And my advice to you ... is to stick with it.

Look at each day as a small milestone on your journey.

Because what you're doing today & every day can take 10 years to materialize.

But if you're doing everything you can every day ... that sense of feeling overwhelmed will begin to fade away.

Take it from me...

A lot of shit can be done in 10 years.

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