Quit Searching for the Grand Slam

December 20, 2020 1 min read

Lou Brock hitting a baseball

Quit searching for the grand slam.

I see this more and more everyday...

Especially in business.

Everyone thinks that if they get one massive hit...

It’s gonna “make them.”

They think if they get their one chance in the spotlight...

Their company will be “set forever.”

If they get one viral video on social media…

Their personal brand will take off and they will be making millions overnight…

And that’s the furthest thing from the truth.

Is that strategy gonna get you some attention?


But it’s not going to “MAKE YOU.”

You know what's more important than hitting one grand slam?

Consistently making base hits.

Even though these small wins may mean nothing to you in the moment...

They compound over time.

But if you spend all of your energy seeking that one grand slam…

1. You'll likely never get it

2. You'll have no way to replicate it in the future

It’s all about adding one small win on top of the other and keep moving.

That's how real progress is made.

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