Quit Hoping…Start Expecting

August 01, 2021 1 min read

Andy talking

Most people go through life full of uncertainty...

...and they end up with a life they hate.

They say things like:

"That would be nice."

"I hope it happens to me."

“Maybe I’ll get that if I’m lucky one day.”

Have you caught yourself saying or thinking these things?

Because if you do, you're communicating two things to the universe:

1. I'm not willing to do the work to materialize the things I want.

2. I have no clear idea of what I want to bring into my life.

Quit wishing...

Quit hoping...

Quit wondering...

Start expecting.

…and then follow the expectation with the behavior of someone who would have whatever it is you want to have.

That means you’re gonna have to do the work they do too.

When the life you want becomes an expectation, and you support those expectations with commitment and effort...

The universe will deliver.

Want to let the chips fall where they may?

Keep "hoping" for things to work out.

Want to establish your destination in life?

Put in the work, and believe the results will come.

Your expectations are your reality.

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